Zunow SWV-E11-16

Super Wide Angle E-Mount

The Zunow SWV-E11-16 is a super wide angle zoomlens for the Sony E-mount cameras. This lens can be attached directly to the mount of the camera and needs to be operated manually. It has a focal length of 11-16mm with an aperture of f/2.8-f/22 and provides a 100 - 80° angle of view, as well as a 1:12 magnification ratio.



This wide angle zoomlens (made by Japanese company Zunow) works great with Sony E-mount cameras. View the attached compatibility chart for the corresponding cameras. Install the SWV-E11-16 directly on your camera body and start shooting wide! You can attach a 82mm (P0.75) filter onto the front lens mount for added protection and image quality. 



Mattebox compatible and optional lens hood

The lens is fully compatible with popular mattebox systems such as the Alphatron Mattebox 4x4 for a proper shading solution. The Zunow HU-85 rubber lens hood is included, to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens.



Type Sony E-mount lens
Focal Length 11-16mm
Aperture Min f/2.8 max f/22
M.O.D. 1.1 ft (33,5cm)
Angle of View 100 - 80°
Magnification 1:12
Elements 11 / 15
Front diameter 85mm
Filter size 82mm (P0.75)
Weight 870gr / 1.92 lbs.


Review DP Alister Chapman

Sony ICE (Independent Certified Expert)

Before I went to Arizona to shoot the monsoon thunderstorms and Grand Canyon I felt that I would need a nice fast wide angle lens to help capture some of the panoramas and vistas that I would see. A little while ago my friends at Alphatron told me about an E-Mount wide angle lens that was soon to be launched. So after a couple of phone calls I managed to secure the loan of one of the SWV-E11-16 cine style E-Mount lenses. Even before opening the box I knew this was something a bit special as the box was pretty heavy, no lightweight plastic lens in this box. On opening the box I was....

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Zunow SWV-E11-16 Compatibility Chart

Camera model  Sony E-mount
Sony PMW-F5  V
Sony PMW-F55  V
Sony PXW-FS7  V
Sony PXW-FS5  V
Sony NEX-FS700  V
Sony α7R II   V
Sony α7R  V
Sony α7S II  V
Sony α7S  V
Sony α7  V


Also fits the following discontinued cameras 

Camera model  Sony E-mount
Sony NEX-EA50  V
Sony NEX-FS100  V
Sony NEX-VG900  V
Sony NEX-VG30  V
Sony NEX-VG20  V
Sony NEX-VG10  V
Sony NEX-5T  V
Sony NEX-3N  V
Sony NEX-6  V
Sony NEX-5R  V
Sony NEX-F3  V
Sony NEX-7  V
Sony NEX-5N  V
Sony NEX-C3  V
Sony NEX-5  V
Sony NEX-3  V